Let`s chat in English راح ندردش بالانجلش
2009/09/20 00:12

HI everyone

How can we express of our feelings by writing in English

Everyone of us would like to know the correct writing without any mistake

But the question is how

The continued practice will improve ourselves

so come here and chat with us

say what u want see about youself . your mood . or any thing happend to u

It is not something difficult 2 come and chat with us here in English..

, we r learning ------- all of us r learning

may be we write wrong or don't understand what is written

but day after day & at the end sure we learn something

I hope all the members come here and try chating English with us

from my heart . I hope good moments for all

Hope everyone is having a great day


تعالوا ندردش بالانجليزي

مب شرط تكون عندك لغة علشان تشارك لاااا تعال واكتب على قد ماتقدر

وكلنا نتعلم ومع الوقت اكيد راح نتحسن ونطلع بفايدة

تعالوا نسلم على بعض هنا .... نسأل عن بعض هنا

تقول حالتك النفسية .. تكتب شي في خاطرك او تسأل عن عضو فاقدنه

او تخبرنا شي طريف صار لك حاول قد ماتقدر وصدقيني راح نفهمك

ولا تنسون كل هذا يكون بالانجليزي

تقبلوا محبتي وفي انتظار تفاعلكم

شارك على التويتر والفيس بوك

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بنت البريمي
2009/09/20 00:16
ok i will start
i wanna say thanx a lot for my brother bader al nadabi for this nice and wonderful web site

my regards: bent al buraimi smile
خالد البوسعيدي
2009/09/20 05:24

Hello there

It's good to be here and I appreciate your subject, I think it would be a nice meeting place to chat with you.

Majalisna is one of the most important things in my life. I have met a lot of people here. I have the honor to thank the manager of Majalisna Bader AlNadabi for his efforts and his ideas to improve this website. In addition, thank you for all the members and the supervisors because they have made a lot of efforts and they have spent many times in history of Majalisna.

Bent Al Buraimi .. I'm really grateful to you for your activity .. well done & I hope back again to this place.

All the best & Eid Mobarak in advance

Khalid Albusaidi

بنت البريمي
2009/09/20 16:31
thanx khalid for ur participation with me
and I hope everyone to participate with us
2009/09/21 19:37
Hi every one..

Thanks dear بنـــوته ..

really very good idea to chat here in english sym-icon-84..

as what did U said ,,I think all of us will get benefit from this subject,,& we will improve our writing by chatting with each others..

How are U doing
?? بنوته & Khalid
All of us are happy to be as a member in this Website,,
Happy Eid 4 everyone [nrose]

Today was the first day of Eid,, but actually wasn't that much Good to me,,because I was sick sym-icon-05,, :(so I didn't enjoy that much
How was the first day of Eid with U??!!

and what about the meat??!!
I think it was delicious wink
all the best
I hope everyone come & chat with us

thanks agine 4 this nice idea [nrose]
بنت البريمي
2009/09/21 20:09
hi sweety almnar i'm happy coz u like the subject
but i'm so sorry coz u were sick today
hope u will be good soon
go to hospital frown
about me today was as everyday i just wear new dress and sit i didn't go outside
thats all
wanna everyone chat with us
plz come now and talk talk talk smile
waiting for all of u
my regards: bent al buraimi smile
2009/09/21 20:28
Hi dear بنوته

Now I feel Good,,

I hate hospitals crazy ,,,lik U hhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Today I spent my time just sleeping sym-icon-61

, (tomorrow we are going to do (Mishakik

ym ym ym sym-icon-84
بنت البريمي
2009/09/22 17:27
hi sweety
i hope u become good everyday
wow mishakik i like this dish but we didn't do it in eid frown
so give me lil smile
send it to al buraimi hhh

today i spent my time in front of majalisna smile
and i went to the shop to by somethings smile

thats all

see u soon
أم تووفي
2009/09/23 04:03

It is the first time that I write in the forum, in English

and an excuse for mistakes, but the idea is very beautiful

and I would love to talk and share with you if there is any error

in the expression say to correct the next time, Eid Mubarak

هنا يحضرني موقف صادفني بإحدى سفراتي مع الأهل الى لندن كنا في سوق شبربوش وأختي خاطرها بسمك ومع إن لغتها الأنجليزية جدا قوية إلا إنها لم تعرف أن تعبر
للبائع عن حاجتها بأن تريد سمك مياة مالحه لأنه يوجد عندهم نوعين

هنا من غير شعور تكلمت للبائع لأني عجزت وأنا أنتظر أختي تنطق بكلمه

فقلت له :

I want fish salt water not sweet water

هههههههه وضحك البائع وعرف طلب أختي بكل سهوله وأنتهت السالفه وكل هذا

وأختي تنظر لي وتقول وآنه منكسفة أقول كلمه غلط وأنتي تصرفتي بترجمه

غلط وعرف طلبك
بنت البريمي
2009/09/23 10:12
hi dear om tofi
thanx to share with us and i hope u come again and tell us more about u smile
sometimes it happenes with me and i can not deliver the idea to the one whom i spoke with
just as what happen with ur sis smile
thanx again and give my regards to ur family

see u soon
bint al buraimi
أم تووفي
2009/09/23 18:23

Hi I am a teacher of history I have 3 children

I own operator Abaya and jalabiyas and my hobbies

Cooking and travel I hope to see you in Bahrain

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